Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Evils of Grammar

Out of pure boredom today, I started going through a few sites and reading stories that at first glance never did much to catch my attention. After less than a half dozen of them, I remembered why. While I don't consider myself a grammar nazi, it does bother me when something is written at what appears to be an elementary school level. Sadly enough, I don't find as many errors in articles/stories written by non-native English speakers as I do in those in the US. From second or third grade up until the sophomore, junior, or sometimes even the senior year of high school, grammar is drilled into our heads. So why would someone post a story that reads like a barely literate third grader? Better yet, why do people get so defensive when you point out the errors in their works?

The worst offenders appear to be the easiest things to spell. Using where instead of wear or even were (and I'm not talking about shifters here but the verb). The ever popular it's-its, their-there-they're, your-you're, here-hear, rouge-rogue, and the list goes on and on. And on. That doesn't even cover the infiltration of text speak. Is it really that hard to type three letters (you) instead of one (u)? While I realize there may be more important things to worry about, if you're going to write please make sure you at least reach some kind of semi-literate state. Stories by neanderthal man aren't nearly as interesting.

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