Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reusing, Recycling, and Upcyling...oh my!

For nearly a year I've been working on creating jewelry from found objects not normally used in such a way. Some of my favorite items include dominoes, scrabble tiles, bottle caps, rubber o rings, and clear plastic plumbing tubing. I'm hoping to get enough stock to purchase a booth at the local Arts & Crafts festival in the fall so I can justify my obsession with making stuff from strange things. A few are pictured below. Tell me what you think, if you feel so inclined.

This Domino pendant is covered with a rose patterned bit of scrapbook paper, sealed with Mod Podge, and coated with a 2-part epoxy. The wire wrapping is 20ga square copper wire.
Rose Wrapped Domino

Next is a Scrabble Tile Pendant created similarly to the Domino pendant. I used the letter W as it was a woman and I was out of letter D tiles for Da Vinci. Yes, I'm that eat up with details. Again, the image was sealed under Mod Podge, covered in resin, only this time I used round 20ga copper wire colored to match the Vintaj natural brass line of findings.
Da Vinci Scrabble tile

In this pendant from the bottle cap line, I used a cap from a bottle of Jamaica Me Happy cooler, squished it nice and flat, secured a dragonfly charm to the center and a Vintaj natural brass round filigree charm using E-6000 glue, then filled the center with epoxy. A hole for the jump ring and it's ready to go on a chain.
Bottlecaps and Dragonflies

Now to start butchering some old motherboards...oh the possibilities!

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