Saturday, September 24, 2011

Story Round Up

Got started on a new story that is being published first on Literotica (so yes, it'll get a bit racy) before being placed on the blog. Unfortunately, between The Other Half, my swaps, and preparing for Halloween, Emeralds & Ice has fallen onto the back-burner for now. It has definitely not been abandoned, simply taking a short siesta until I can get rid of all the other characters floating around in my head first. Just think of it as Olivia and Draike having one heck of a honeymoon :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bullety Goodness

Well, after my first try at making tie tacks and cuff links from spent shell casings, I got a special request from a couple of the Air Force Security Forces guys using the 7.62 rounds that they fire. Well, I didn't have any spent rounds of that caliber at the time so I told them if they got me the casings, plus a few more to make some extras, they'd get their bling. Wow...I'm not sure how "a few more" turned into a 2/3rds full ammo can of spent rounds but I have 7.62 casings in SPADES! lol I've also begun work on the tie tacks and cuff links and have the first pair of cufflinks finished. These were soldered in and I must confess it's the best pair I've ever made. I'm very happy with them and hope the tie-tack turns out equally nice.
Finished Cuff Links - Close Up