Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updates and a new project!

If you check the tabs, you'll see that a new story has joined the others - Laelah's Folly. This one will, for now, solely be the product of the blog and may take some time to update as it's being worked around my main focus - There's a Fine Line. Mainly, it's been bouncing around in my head for a while so I have to put it somewhere!

Also, there have been two character bios posted for Fine Line - Uruvion and Lysavar. Eventually, I hope to post one for each of the most important tertiary characters as well as the main ones. The plan is to provide additional background that may or may not make it into the story itself.

As for the actual story, I have been working on it but research and my determination to make this one slightly more coherent than Other Half means the work is slow. I've wrapped up the second chapter and will be beginning the third shortly. I plan to post on Lit when I have a good buffer of chapters under my belt (at least 5 or 6, if not more) so, just because some are done doesn't mean you'll see them up just yet.

Please be patient, I promise I'm working on it.


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