Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shake up on the blog

With the posting date for chapter one of There's a Fine Line looming ever closer, I spent the first part of my morning revamping a few things on the old blog. What had originally been the tab for Fine Line is now the Character Bios tab. Since it is likely that I will, in the future, wish to add more bios other than characters only contained in Fine Line, I thought it best to have a spot just for them. Also, once the story starts getting posted, it might clutter things up to have a chapter, then a bio, then a chapter, etc. I don't like clutter. All the links in the older posts should have been fixed up but, if not, please let me know and I'll fix them.

I've also added a Teasers tab. Again, I thought it would be useful to have a place just for those snippets before a story/chapter goes live. Since I do plan to write something beyond Fine Line, and since I don't want to clutter a story's page with snippets, I gave them their own home. Teasers will probably get posted when a chapter is submitted to Lit (or elsewhere if I decide to post elsewhere) so that they're only a few days early. Not much of a wait, really. There might be ways to win earlier snippets or entire chapters before they go live and that, too, would be posted here. Yes, I'm a sucker for trying to pull more folks to the blog. So sue me.

A note on the background: the artwork that serves at the background for the Teasers tab is a diagram for an orrery. I thought it appropriate to have a blueprint style background since you're only seeing parts of a story. And I think the artwork is simply cool.

Next, There's a Fine Line gets its own new, shiny tab. There's nothing in it yet, of course, but I do plan to begin posting towards the middle of the month. I'm still working on personalizing it so the look and feel of the page will change as I get more and more comfortable with fiddling with blogger.

And finally...I haven't forgotten Laelah's Folly, it simply isn't high on my list of priorities at the moment. My main goal is to get Fine Line off the ground and posting and to maintain enough of an excess chapter inventory that, if I were to suffer horrible writer's block, I won't miss a posting deadline. During those times when I just want to nuke Blake and Alicia will be when Laelah and Khraygor will resurface. I apologize if that upsets anyone but I did warn folks at the beginning that it wasn't my primary focus at this time.

Wow, that was wordy. Thanks for making it to the bottom. :)

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