Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Thursday Morning Snippet

So, we all know I'm impatient, right? I tend to post things early, submit things early, and generally screw up my own schedule. Just to stay true to form, I did the same thing today. Chapter Four of There's a Fine Line will be submitted to Lit on Sunday (Sunday, I tell you! I am NOT going to do it Saturday...and definitely not Friday. SUNDAY!) *ahem* anyway, so I'm throwing out an early Chapter Four Teaser because I can. Which means I might submit the chapter early...or not. Depends on how busy my weekend is. The teaser is fairly short, as is the chapter, but it does show another side of Blake and Alicia's growing relationship. The chapter itself will reintroduce our antagonist, General Daevas Malphas, and the reader will finally get to see him in all his evil glory even if the protagonists remain clueless for the time being.

The rest of the story is plugging right along. I'm currently working on chapter nine and have about a third of it in very rough draft form. Some ideas have thrown me off track and I spent several days trying to decide if I could incorporate them into the story but I'm not sure I can. The only way I feel that I can work in certain aspects that were suggested is through a Deus Ex Machina and I'm determined not to pull that. It's trite and overused and an insult to the readers' intelligence. While I loved many of the ideas and suggestions of what Alicia's other half actually is, my favorite will have to remain a thought for another story.

So, for now, enjoy the snippet and I'll try to get back to working on Chapter Nine!


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