Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Morning Teaser

Well, it's that time again! Time for a SNEAK PEAK into the next chapter of There's a Fine Line. In this chapter, Alicia confronts Blake about the attack, you get to meet a brand new yummy character - Devereux Armentage, and you get learn a bit more about our resident bad guys - Malphas and Andrealphus. The teaser, however, only covers part of the confrontation between our protagonists. As this is a rather short chapter, I didn't want to put a bunch into the teaser and make posting the chapter rather anticlimactic. Therefore, the teaser is shorter than usual even for me at less than 1000 words.

Also, you might have noticed a missing tab (or maybe you didn't, but it's still missing). I've removed the links to Laelah's Folly since it's become clear to me that I won't have time to work on it for a while. Between Fine Line and the upcoming NaNoWriMo, Laelah is getting pushed further and further into the background. I may revive it. I may not. At this point, I'm uncertain so I've removed the links until I decide which direction I'm going.


  1. Awww really sad to hear about laelah

    1. I haven't gotten rid of the page, just unlinked it since I really have no clue when or if I might return to it. Blake and Alicia are taking over my brain for the moment and I don't want to lose momentum there by getting lost in a new story. :) If it does return, I'll be sure to announce it. If not, I'm hoping to have something new to replace it with.