Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Night Teaser

Tomorrow night I have a party to attend for the daughter of a very close friend. This family has accepted our version of crazy for over 20 years and are more like family than mere friends. Their daughter is graduating from college with an Engineering degree and so we're going to be there to celebrate in their kind of crazy. We'll watch her walk on Saturday.

Since I'll be spending most of tomorrow hunting for those last minute gag gifts I should have gotten this week, I figured I'd post the Teaser a mite early. The chapter should still get submitted on Sunday which will put it at a Tuesday/Wednesday posting date on Lit. In this chapter, the good guys finally start learning more about the bad guys' plans and you'll meet a few new folks from the Northeastern Council. You'll also see a return of the pixies, Sapphire and Opal though they don't appear in the teaser snippet. It runs just over 9k words; the teaser comes it at around 1400 words.

As for the story's progress, I've started chapter ten. I don't much like what I've got now and all of it could change but it has been started. lol Hopefully, inspiration will strike soon.

I posted the following on my Lit bio and I think it should be shared here as well. This is the proposed schedule for There's a Fine Line. None of the dates are set in stone, however. Also, please note the warning posted in paragraph two. I'm not a fan of story disclaimers but this one has some significantly dark aspects that might be unpleasant for many readers. The warnings are there for a reason!

There's a Fine Line - NonHuman category
This story will be posted biweekly (every two weeks) give or take a day here and there. Should I fully complete the story while there's still a significant amount left unposted, I *might* shift to a weekly schedule. Don't hold your breath.

Also, this story will contain many situations that readers may find disturbing. These include, but aren't limited to, aspects of BDSM (namely sadomasochism), graphic violence, demonology and the occult, sexual abuse, rape, ritualistic murder, and torture (physical and mental). Please check the story tags and heed any warnings if any of these things might trigger unpleasantness.
Any date other than for a Live Chapter is an approximation only based on current posting schedule and subject to change without notice or explanation.

Chapter 4  - is live! 24 July 2012
Chapter 5  - complete ~7 Aug 2012
Chapter 6  - complete ~21 Aug 2012
Chapter 7  - complete - content warning ~4 Sep 2012
Chapter 8  - complete - content warning ~18 Sep 2012
Chapter 9  - complete - extreme content warning ~2 Oct 2012
Chapter 10 - started  ~16 Oct 2012

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