Sunday, September 30, 2012

TaFL Ch09 is Live!

Lit decided to be super speedy and post the next chapter to Fine Line much earlier than I expected. Again, heed warnings if things make you squeamish or dive in if you want to see just how evil my demons like to be. I've already posted the chapter on the blog so if you'd prefer to read it here, then check the tabs above or follow THIS BIG LINK. I'd say "enjoy" but I don't really feel that's appropriate for this chapter, so I'll just leave you to it.

I've started posting word counts on the schedule to the right ----------------------->>  Hopefully, that'll give folks a decent idea as to how long each chapter is...if you care about that sort of thing. *shrugs*

Project Time!

Those on Twitter know that I've been busy helping my only child with her first-ever CosPlay outfit for AWA 2012 (Anime Weekend Atlanta), an anime con she's attending with a dozen or more of her friends. She chose the character Yuya Shiina from the manga Samurai Deeper Kyo (I dunno, I just type what she told me). Anyway, she picked out the materials, bought the pattern and begged mom for help making the costume. The character looks like this:
Yuya Shiina

The costume, done in a steampunk fashion, would replace the traditional obi with a leather corset and her three barrel pistol with one mounted to an arm bracer. I think the results, especially for a first attempt, turned out quite nice. IF (big if) I did this correctly, the pictures should be clickable to larger versions. If not, well, oops. 

Steampunk Yuya Shiina - closeup, Close-up of the costume (minus the boots). The goggles were the only things purchased and unaltered. The altered kimono was sewn by my daughter while we both worked on the corset/obi.
Daughter as Yuya Shiina
Corset - Front, Close-up of the front of the leather corset/obi. The daughter cut and stained the leather. I designed the gear yin yang and sealed it with a jeweler's grade epoxy, hubby laced the corset together and set the copper surrounding plate. Truly a family creation!Corset - Left side, Left-side close-up of the leather corset/obi. We had hoped to put grommets in the lacing holes but the ones I had were too short and there was no time before the con to search for longer ones.3-Barrel gun, The Anime character Yuya Shiina's 3-barrel gun recreated for a steampunk version. The "gun" is primarily made of copper with antique brass accessories and brass rivets. The armguard is dyed and polyurethaned leather with brass buckles. There is a church-key style embellishment on the side.
Left pic is of the leather corset/obi. Center pic is the tooling on the side of the corset/obi. Right pic is the 3 barreled pistol.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesdays are for teasing...

Ok, so I debated whether or not to even have a teaser for chapter 9 of There's a Fine Line. I almost didn't. Then, I couldn't decide what part to pull from the story to snip and showcase. Now, normally I snip the lead in segment, make sure it has a good snippet-to-chapter word ratio, and go with that. I decided not to this time. For this chapter's snippet, the segment comes after around 1700 words of lead in information. I wanted to give folks a chance to see just what they might encounter with the chapter since I've been giving dire warnings for weeks now. For those who have issues with certain scenarios, this may enable you to decide if you wish to continue reading or wait until chapter 10.

Again, check tags and disclaimers. The snippet can be found HERE.

ETA: I will be submitting either Saturday or Sunday with an estimated post date of October 1-2.

Monday, September 17, 2012

TaFL ch08 is Live!

Even though I sent it in a bit later than expected, Chapter 8 of There's a Fine Line has gone live a bit early. If you want to read it on Lit, you can find it HERE or you can read it on the blog HERE. Or do both. Whatever makes you happy! :)

So, here it is. The mating chapter. This is nearly 8000 words of pure, unadulterated hawt BDSM sex. Yes, there are spankings and hair pullings and nipple clamps and ropes and chains so if you don't like a bit of bondage or some sadomasochism in your play time, then perhaps you should accept that Blake and Alicia have done the wild thang and moved on to the next chapter...which will be ugly and disturbing and perhaps a worse one to come back to. Yeah, I put two really intense chapters back to back. Sorry about that (not really, but it felt like the right thing to say).

I promise that things will level out soon but this isn't really a calm or collected story. It has some raw edges. It has some dark and dirty skellies in the closet. It also has some really hot vamps. lol I hope you all stay along for the ride even though it will get bumpier before it smooths out.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon Teaser

Got some Wednesday afternoon teasing for everyone in the form of There's a Fine Line Chapter 8. This is the hottest chapter I've ever written, in my opinion, and was one of the hardest. It's also extremely steeped in BDSM practices in a variety of ways from bondage, to sadomasochism, to D/s. If none of those are your cup o' tea, then this may not be the chapter for you. Blake can play nice but this isn't the time for it. The snippet is just shy of 1800 words of a 7900 word chapter. Not the longest but not the shortest I've written either.

The chapter will be submitted to Literotica on Saturday, 15Sep12, with a hopeful posting date of the 18th. It could go live sooner or later depending on Lit's traffic, contests, etc. There will be a disclaimer for the nature of the sex found within as well as an author's note at the end for the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 9 will be extremely dark, ugly, uncomfortable, etc. To be totally honest, I'm not sure Lit will allow it to post as written. It still amazes me that they have a "NonConsent" section and yet "Rape" and "Murder" are not allowed as TAGS on their stories. Just some of those things that boggles the mind. Anyway, Chapter 9 is a dark chapter. Please heed the warnings and disclaimers if you have anything that makes you squick.

As for progress on future chapters...Chapter 10 gained some 1200 words in edits and revisions and is back with the beta-readers and the editor. Chapter 11 has been started but it's only a few hundred words into it for now. I'm desperately seeking to regain the chapter buffer I had at the beginning without sacrificing the quality of the writing or the story itself. I hope I succeed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Progress and Schedules

Finally, finally, FINALLY finished chapter 10 of There's a Fine Line today. It's with my beta readers now and, once they have given it their stamp of approval, it will go to Archangel's Red Pen of Doom. If they don't give their approval, it's back to the drawing board for me.  :P I think it'll be ok. It feels done and that has to count for something, right? Right? Please?

Anyway, since I was feeling pretty chipper about being finished with Ch 10, I decided to plot out and begin Chapter 11. Don't get too excited, I have a whole 300 words down so far. But I do have a plan for it and it will set the ball rolling towards the eventual grand finale. You'll finally discover the badguy vamp's identity and get some more Devereux loving. If you thought he dressed outrageously for the interview with Blake, wait until he's goes clubbing! Rawr!

For those who are wondering at the time frame, Chapter 11 will coincide with the week leading up to, and include the weekend of, Micipsa's and Kris' mating ceremony and ritual from The Other Half. That means no elves, no Elizabeth and Johannes, and no pixies. Yes, I actually have a calendar to keep things straight. I'm anal-retentive that way.

I also needed to point out a small issue with the proposed posting schedule. As it stands, the schedule looks like this:

Chapter 8  - complete - content warning ~18 Sep 2012
Chapter 9  - complete - extreme content warning ~2 Oct 2012
Chapter 10 - complete  ~16 Oct 2012
Chapter 11 - started   ~30 Oct 2012

Please note that the tilda ( that little squiggly before the date) is recognized as the symbol representing APPROXIMATE. That means that all dates are approximate and not written in stone. I still have a problem, though. I will be in New York City the weekend before the 30th. The same weekend I need to be submitting the story to Lit in order for it to post on time. I will not be bringing my laptop with me. This means I will either need to submit the chapter before I leave (making it post 2-3 days early) or after I return (3-4 days late).

Since I expect Chapter 11 to be rather long and Chapter 10 ended up being rather short, I'm voting on submitting it early. I'd rather leave a long chapter up for a longer amount of time than a short chapter. I will try to have everything in place to post the chapter to the blog from my phone when it goes live on Lit but can't make any guarantees. It may be that those few who read the chapter on the blog will have to wait until I return. At least it won't be as long of a wait due to not having a delay between submitting and posting.

And now, since this post was really rambly, I'll add a sneak peek inspirational picture of the demon we all love to hate. I'm working on a bio for him to post later but I'll add him here now.

The picture is from artist Rochelle Green from her Elfwood site. The title is Maelmadoc - Belmordha. She's an amazing artist, so please check out her stuff!

Monday, September 3, 2012

There's a Fine Line Ch07 is LIVE

Well, I woke up late this morning. Really late. And by the time I stumbled to my laptop, I noticed that Chapter 7 of Fine Line had posted on Lit. Hurrah! Last night before I went to bed, I told myself that I should have prepped this to post today but I didn't.  Poo on me.

Chapter 7 is slightly dark as we finally get to hear Elizabeth's story from her perspective. It also shows things to come as we watch Alicia accept her bond to Blake as well as work to discover what she is. The next chapter sizzles so be prepared!

If you'd rather read on the blog than on Lit, you can click on the tab above or this link. Enjoy!