Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Progress and Schedules

Finally, finally, FINALLY finished chapter 10 of There's a Fine Line today. It's with my beta readers now and, once they have given it their stamp of approval, it will go to Archangel's Red Pen of Doom. If they don't give their approval, it's back to the drawing board for me.  :P I think it'll be ok. It feels done and that has to count for something, right? Right? Please?

Anyway, since I was feeling pretty chipper about being finished with Ch 10, I decided to plot out and begin Chapter 11. Don't get too excited, I have a whole 300 words down so far. But I do have a plan for it and it will set the ball rolling towards the eventual grand finale. You'll finally discover the badguy vamp's identity and get some more Devereux loving. If you thought he dressed outrageously for the interview with Blake, wait until he's goes clubbing! Rawr!

For those who are wondering at the time frame, Chapter 11 will coincide with the week leading up to, and include the weekend of, Micipsa's and Kris' mating ceremony and ritual from The Other Half. That means no elves, no Elizabeth and Johannes, and no pixies. Yes, I actually have a calendar to keep things straight. I'm anal-retentive that way.

I also needed to point out a small issue with the proposed posting schedule. As it stands, the schedule looks like this:

Chapter 8  - complete - content warning ~18 Sep 2012
Chapter 9  - complete - extreme content warning ~2 Oct 2012
Chapter 10 - complete  ~16 Oct 2012
Chapter 11 - started   ~30 Oct 2012

Please note that the tilda ( that little squiggly before the date) is recognized as the symbol representing APPROXIMATE. That means that all dates are approximate and not written in stone. I still have a problem, though. I will be in New York City the weekend before the 30th. The same weekend I need to be submitting the story to Lit in order for it to post on time. I will not be bringing my laptop with me. This means I will either need to submit the chapter before I leave (making it post 2-3 days early) or after I return (3-4 days late).

Since I expect Chapter 11 to be rather long and Chapter 10 ended up being rather short, I'm voting on submitting it early. I'd rather leave a long chapter up for a longer amount of time than a short chapter. I will try to have everything in place to post the chapter to the blog from my phone when it goes live on Lit but can't make any guarantees. It may be that those few who read the chapter on the blog will have to wait until I return. At least it won't be as long of a wait due to not having a delay between submitting and posting.

And now, since this post was really rambly, I'll add a sneak peek inspirational picture of the demon we all love to hate. I'm working on a bio for him to post later but I'll add him here now.

The picture is from artist Rochelle Green from her Elfwood site. The title is Maelmadoc - Belmordha. She's an amazing artist, so please check out her stuff!

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