Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project Time!

Those on Twitter know that I've been busy helping my only child with her first-ever CosPlay outfit for AWA 2012 (Anime Weekend Atlanta), an anime con she's attending with a dozen or more of her friends. She chose the character Yuya Shiina from the manga Samurai Deeper Kyo (I dunno, I just type what she told me). Anyway, she picked out the materials, bought the pattern and begged mom for help making the costume. The character looks like this:
Yuya Shiina

The costume, done in a steampunk fashion, would replace the traditional obi with a leather corset and her three barrel pistol with one mounted to an arm bracer. I think the results, especially for a first attempt, turned out quite nice. IF (big if) I did this correctly, the pictures should be clickable to larger versions. If not, well, oops. 

Steampunk Yuya Shiina - closeup, Close-up of the costume (minus the boots). The goggles were the only things purchased and unaltered. The altered kimono was sewn by my daughter while we both worked on the corset/obi.
Daughter as Yuya Shiina
Corset - Front, Close-up of the front of the leather corset/obi. The daughter cut and stained the leather. I designed the gear yin yang and sealed it with a jeweler's grade epoxy, hubby laced the corset together and set the copper surrounding plate. Truly a family creation!Corset - Left side, Left-side close-up of the leather corset/obi. We had hoped to put grommets in the lacing holes but the ones I had were too short and there was no time before the con to search for longer ones.3-Barrel gun, The Anime character Yuya Shiina's 3-barrel gun recreated for a steampunk version. The "gun" is primarily made of copper with antique brass accessories and brass rivets. The armguard is dyed and polyurethaned leather with brass buckles. There is a church-key style embellishment on the side.
Left pic is of the leather corset/obi. Center pic is the tooling on the side of the corset/obi. Right pic is the 3 barreled pistol.

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