Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesdays are for teasing...

Ok, so I debated whether or not to even have a teaser for chapter 9 of There's a Fine Line. I almost didn't. Then, I couldn't decide what part to pull from the story to snip and showcase. Now, normally I snip the lead in segment, make sure it has a good snippet-to-chapter word ratio, and go with that. I decided not to this time. For this chapter's snippet, the segment comes after around 1700 words of lead in information. I wanted to give folks a chance to see just what they might encounter with the chapter since I've been giving dire warnings for weeks now. For those who have issues with certain scenarios, this may enable you to decide if you wish to continue reading or wait until chapter 10.

Again, check tags and disclaimers. The snippet can be found HERE.

ETA: I will be submitting either Saturday or Sunday with an estimated post date of October 1-2.

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