Saturday, October 6, 2012

TaFL Trivia!

Yeah, I've gone a bit loopy but thought this might be a fun game for those who want to give it a try. Below will be a list of lines of dialogue or maybe situations or descriptions (I'll know more once I find all the excerpts) from upcoming chapters. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to try to guess who said/did/was described. Bonus tribbles for those who accurately guess to whom the dialogue was being spoken, etc. Some will be fairly easy. Some might be a bit harder. Some may surprise you (I hope). Get them all right and you win!

So, if this is a trivia thingie, what are the prizes? *cue drum roll* Today's prizes will be a congratulatory post in this very blog along with a link to your own blog if you have one (and if you want me to link to it) AND I will place you (using the name/description you give me via email) in a future chapter of TaFL. Doubtful you'll be Alicia's BFF, but you could always be Dev's. He'd love a new toy to play with. I will make every attempt not to kill you off, but there are no guarantees. The demons are getting antsy., for the immortality of being placed in a future chapter of There's a Fine Line, here are your choices (yeah, some are gimmes but that's ok too):

Quotes - (bonus points for correctly guessing to whom it is being said)
1. “That leaves us with but one question: Who on the Council wants you dead badly enough to work with a demon?”
2. "Villages burned at the stake the fey who once blessed their crops. Wolves were being slaughtered by the thousands. It was a dark era for more than just the humans."
3. “What’s got your tighty-whities in a bunch?”
4. "Well, he was just standing outside the building trying not to look like he was watching it which meant he looked even more like he was watching it because, you know, when someone tries not to look like he’s spying it makes him look even more like a spy.”
5. “Yeah, I’m gonna vote ‘no’ for that scenario.” 

Situations/Descriptions (name the person or persons being described or involved in the situation):

1. When she could finally breathe, her knees had turned to goo and she was clinging to his broad shoulders like some blonde bimbo from a chick-flick.
2. Instead of a shirt, his toned, smooth chest was covered by a vest made of nothing but fine silver chains.
3. In some crazed corner of her mind, she hoped this wasn't a load-bearing support or she'd just caused some massive structural issues for the night club.
4. If they made it to the parking lot before they ravished each other, he’d be surprised.
5. Along with the small sheets of tin, steel, and aluminum; piles of brick, stone, and cinderblock; and wooden boards of every size and wood type, she’d added nails, a hammer, duct tape, wood glue, wire, and a wire cutter. She was either going to do magic or a woodshop project.

Also, these are in no particular order so just because it's listed first doesn't mean it's not in a later chapter than something listed last. I tried not to list anything that would give major portions of the plot away. Nor did I list any dialogue that's spoken by an un-introduced character. Have fun and good luck!

ETA- Absolute Cut Off is October 31, 2012. I'll be concentrating on NaNoWriMo then and will have time afterwards to work a new someone in.

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