Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Teaser Time!

Yup, boys and girls, it's that time again. Time to get a brief glimpse of the upcoming chapter of There's a Fine Line. In this week's episode, Sapphire pushes her luck with a dangerous vampire while Blake continues to search for the Councilman that's working with Malphas. You can find a preview of the chapter HERE. The chapter will be submitted either Friday morning or late Thursday night due to my trip (SQUEEEEEE Phantom on Broadway!) and therefore will probably post to Lit earlier than the estimated post date. I've already uploaded the chapter to the blog and should be able to post from my phone while in NYC (have I SQUEEEE'd enough already?) so there are no gaps between posting on Lit and here.

One other good thing about me going to won't be spammed with anymore posts until I get back and gush over the trip! Score! lol Enjoy the snippet and the chapter when it goes live.

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