Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Teaser

This week's teaser is the beginning of Chapter 10 of There's a Fine Line. A pleasant diversion from the previous chapter, Blake's and Alicia's relationship continues to evolve as they grow closer. They are playful at times and exasperated with each other at others. They can be serious and whimsical. They can be loving one moment and ready to kill each other the next. In short, a pretty typical newly-formed couple. This chapter, though not the snippet, will also give some of Blake's background so we get an idea of the era in which he was born and turned. It's kind of a "bridge" chapter, as it gives hints of and leads into things to come, but still a nice look into the budding relationship.

On the writing front...NaNo has already sapped a ton of my time. Dammit. I am working on Chapter 12 (see side bar over ---->> there for progress) but I keep getting sidetracked with ironing out details on the Bokkenrijder project. Things keep distracting me. Namely researching Torture. And kitties. (Not researching kitties, but cute pictures of kitties.) No, I'm not researching the torture of kitties because that would be wrong. (Ok, the kitties aren't in the story but Tan and I were talking about them and they were soooo cute that they served as a distraction). Oh, and chocolate. (Actually, the chocolate isn't in there either...but it was tasty.) Anyway, the chapter is coming slowly but surely so that's good, right?

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