Wednesday, November 14, 2012

TaFL Ch12 is Live

This chapter of There's a Fine Line sees a return to the darker side of the story and I fear there's little light in sight for some time. Things are moving towards the end but there's plenty of drama left before we get there. Though there's more to come, this is a major turning point in the story, both for our couple and for the plot.

This was a difficult chapter for me to write. When you've reached the end, you'll understand just how difficult. I fought writing it for a couple of weeks. I tried everything I could NOT to write this chapter even though I knew it had to be written. My beta readers agreed with me that it was necessary though none of us liked it. Oh the joys of doing the painful things in order to enjoy the happier times even more.

Unfortunately, NaNo is causing issues with my posting schedule and Chapter 13 could be delayed. I'm hoping by no more than a week or so but I can't be certain. I'm hoping to have a chance to work on it during the month but I simply don't know. Working on three stories at once may well make my head explode. lol

On the NaNo front, I've given in and accepted that I'm writing two stories instead of one. The first is The Bokkenrijder Curse, an alternative history, urban fantasy story with elements of mystery, and the second is tentatively titled The Lone Wolf, a paranormal romance about a turned wolf trying to find her place in the shifter world. The two combined make up my word count since I've been alternating writing one then the other since Day One. If I'm going to work on both, I might as well count both. Yeah, I'm a rebel.

Thank you to everyone for their support on NaNo. I appreciate it greatly!

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