Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TaFL Ch13 is Live!

I had thought it'd go live yesterday but it was as stubborn as a certain vampire and waited it out until today. There's a Fine Line, Chapter 13 has gone live on Lit and I encourage everyone to read, comment, and vote if you feel the urge. I've also published it to the blog where I also encourage reading and commenting. This is another rather gruesome chapter which deals with the aftermath of the attack on the Simons Enterprises building. One new character is introduced while others return from Hawaii where they attended the mating ceremony and ritual of the Ifrit Warlord, Micipsa Zakhara, to his human mate, Kristiana Latimer (as detailed in The Other Half).

Chapter 14 should be the last with such explicit blood and gore (I think...there are a few battles left but none that I can see requiring such vivid descriptions) and centers primarily around Alicia just as this one centers around Blake. We are steadily moving towards a conclusion which should fall somewhere near the 20 chapter mark, give or take. And yes, there are still some surprises left in store.

Story Links are

  • LITEROTICA (website not safe for work or browsing around small children or your mother-in-law)
  • BLOG (safer though my content doesn't change lol)
As you can see from the box to the right, I'm moving right along with the chapters. Almost finished with ch14 and then will start the next one immediately afterwards. I'll probably have to edit one while writing the other but I'm determined to get back on schedule! Thanks again to everyone for their patience during NaNo.



  1. Every chapter you write is a.shit just got real quick chapter....

    I love the pace of your stories... live and love always!

  2. lol Thanks! Things are really about to hit the fan soon and then it'll get nice and sweet once more (well, as "sweet" as Blake & Alicia get). lol