Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday TaFL Teaser!

Yup, you read correctly! I've spent the last few days busting my rear to get a new chapter of  Fine Line ready for submission and it's almost ready. The chapter itself is still with the editor but I've decided to post a partially edited snippet tonight. THIS is the very first bit of the chapter and Blake is a that his mate is missing. He also finds poor Francisco. This chapter is a bit of a roller coaster on emotions so be prepared. It's also graphically violent in parts (but that should be expected by now).

There's an introduction of a new character, a return of some older ones, and some planning made. The next chapter will focus primarily on Alicia and the conflicts she has to suffer through while in the hands of greater demons of Lust and Violence. There will be a happy ending through it all but that will be rather far down the line. Hang in there!

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