Monday, January 28, 2013

Out with the old...

A few more changes to the old blog. I've fully removed all links to the old version of Emeralds & Ice. Being that it will provide the framework of the first Children of Jarilo novel under a new pseudonym, and also being that I will begin work on that novel in the extremely near future, I decided that it was time to take it down. Keep an eye out for info and updates on the new Jarilo project both here and at In a World With Monsters...

With the removal of the old, there was the creation of the new. When I decided to take Emeralds down, I didn't know what to add to the site at the time. I considered a few options and then decided on a section for snippets, Flash Fiction pieces, and shorts that would encompass any and all of my worlds to include After the Reveal and Children of Jarilo, as well as unnamed worlds or 'real' world stories. How very serendipitous that it coincided with a new offering from a lovely author, Nulli Para Ora (Yes, that's a link. Yes, you should go there and, you know, read, participate and buy stuff).

Nulli has begun a series called Musings featuring photo prompts and encouraging any and all to jump in. Write a poem, a story, a limerick, a haiku - whatever the picture calls to mind - and jot it down for all to see. I was intrigued... and not a little relieved.

You see, while I had the page ready for my little shorts... I had no little shorts to put in it :( Nulli's prompts spurred me to write a few tidbits which I have included here. But if you want to see the pictures that inspired the three stories, you'll have to just go to her site. You might find your own bit of inspiration.


  1. It's been great fun watching the different interpretations to the pictures. Thanks so much for participating and sharing!


  2. Love the blog updates. It's nice to be able to follow your creative mind around as you go from the pages of Lit to true book form.