Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TaFL Ch15 snippet & Info

With the holidays, I've not heard from my lovely editor but, in order to maintain my self-imposed posting schedule, I've decided to go ahead and post the snippet unedited. Any errors are my own so no pitchforks and torches at dusk to hunt down Archangel. Chapter 15 covers the massive battle at the church to retrieve Alicia and, hopefully, stop Malphas from more mischief. While I could have drawn the battle out over several chapters, I felt the story would suffer from the unnecessary details. In an effort to keep the focus on the growth and changes in the two primary characters, I did not go into minute detail on the fighting between the demon's minions and the group of nonhumans gathered under Blake's command. That's not to say it's entirely been ignored, either. There is enough included so readers should know the fighting is fierce and pixies are super cute in battle mode. So, with that being said, the snippet can be found HERE. Enjoy.

Also, Chapter 16 is in progress, though it's slow progress. There have been a couple of other things pulling at my attention that has kept me from working on it like I would have liked.

One is the new website. With much encouragement by Mokkelke and others, I've turned my eye towards publishing the novels that I'm currently developing alongside Fine Line. I've chosen the self-publish route at the moment though that may change the closer the novels get to completion. These novels (one the NaNovel that shouldn't have been) are paranormal romances set in an entirely different world and mythos from The Other Half and Fine Line. There will be no character crossover nor do I have plans to publish either of those two stories. The only story from Lit that will get published has already been pulled from that site, Emeralds and Ice. It will get a rewrite to fit into the new mythos as a prequel. I think Draike will make a nice Shifter, don't you? The new website is under construction but the blog portion is being transferred from WordPress. It's still a work in progress and can be found here under my new pen name, Elaina M. Roberts. I'll announce the launching of the entire website as soon as it's built.

The other issue was on a personal level. Over the Christmas holidays, we were asked to petsit a pair of ferrets for a young man in college so he could visit his family. Having owned ferrets for many years, we were pleased to borrow his, spoil them, then gratefully return them when the holidays were over. Sadly, that's not how it has played out. One of the ferrets seemed a bit under the weather when he arrived and we all tried to excuse it by saying he was stressed by the many changes the pair had gone through in recent weeks. The owner had only had the animals for a couple of weeks when he left for the holidays so there were two massive changes for them. Include change of diet (from crap to something better), change of routine, and even styles of interaction and I'm sure they were wondering what the heck had happened. As the male continued to get more lethargic, we noticed other things that raised red flags as to his condition. I spoke to the owner and then took the ferret to a vet on Thursday, 27 Dec 2012. I got the call last night that, just as he was being prepped for exploratory surgery to find out if there was a blockage in his intestinal tract, he had passed at the vet's office. I am, of course, double-thinking all the steps I've taken in trying to figure out if there was something I should have done differently. There wasn't, really, but he was a sweet ferret and it's always sad to see them go so young.

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