Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TaFL Teaser 17

There's a Fine Line is wrapping up nicely with only two chapters left to go. One, Chapter 17, will be submitted to Literotica on Saturday for an early next week posting date. The other, Chapter 18 - Epilogue, is still in progress but I hope to have it finished before the end of the week and shipped off to the crew for review and corrections. Once they're both finished, there'll be a bit of silence from this little blog as I pour my attention onto the first novel in the Jarilo series. I'll try to stay connected to this world through shorts and comments, and I'm always available on twitter and facebook so it's not like I'll be turning into a hermit any time soon.

This chapter is a bit of an emotional roller coaster with Alicia confronting her father, returning to the human plane, discovering (finally) what she is, and then ending up with her mate at his apartment for some quality alone time. It's a lot for one young woman to take in but she's a trooper. The teaser is a bit emotional as well but I hope you all enjoy! You can find it by clicking the Teasers tab at the top or using this direct link.

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