Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TaFL Teaser and Other Stuff

First the Other Stuff... else you'll just move straight on to the teaser and not even read the rest. Or is that just something I'd do? Yeah, probably. Anyway...

Check the Character Bios tab for the backgrounds of the protagonists of There's a Fine Line which were added over the past week or two. Along with Blake's and Alicia's bios, I hope to have Malphas' before the end of the week. I still would like to do Sapphire's and Opal's though they may get further development at a later date. I have plans for the pixies...

Also, check the link to the right to the Elaina Roberts' site. This will be my home in the near future after I finish up Fine Line and begin to work on the Jarilo series. It's still in development but the first book will be a complete revision of Emeralds & Ice. I plan to bring the story into the present era, change some things around, and work it to fit in with the developing mythos. Those who've read the novella-length story before should be able to pick it out from the revision though it will experience some massive changes in order to get it to full novel length and kick off the series. Until it becomes my primary writing focus, it will remain on the site for those to read. After I've begun the revisions, however, it will be removed.

This has been a huge decision for me. I do not like charging for a story that was previously free of charge and that many people have already read. I know many many authors who do that and I'm perfectly fine with their decision. I have supported them by purchasing those novels that I thoroughly enjoyed the first time around with anticipation of reliving the story once more. This is totally a personal issue that I have with my own work; no one else's. However...the amount of work that will go in rewriting Emeralds to get it to fit in with the Jarilo mythos will be phenomenal. Yes, I believe it will be worth it, but it will be the same basic story. You see my problem. In the end, I've decided that if I want to break into publishing, I have to place a proper value on the work that I wish to offer to the buying public. I will do free promotions, or at least reduced prices, because that entices readers to try new authors (I might not have read Elizabeth Hunter or Tina Folsom had their series' first books not been offered for free on Amazon), but I can't offer it for free all of the time. Sucks, but that's how it goes.

Anyway, now for the stuff you really want to hear.

There's a Fine Line - Chapter 16 is back from the editor and ready for submission. I'll pop over to Lit on Saturday morning to upload the file. Hopefully, it'll be ready by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I do like maintaining my schedule and have been slightly amazed that I've managed to do so since NaNoWriMo ate my soul. I expect there to be no more than 2-3 chapters and then the story will be finished and the After the Reveal world will go on holiday while I work on the aforementioned project. My three beta readers have been amazing at keeping up with the constant push of chapters and Archangel_M, my editor, has gone through many a Red Pen of Doom in an effort to make me sound somewhat coherent. I managed to improve my comma usage on this chapter while merrily skipping entire words in places. Damned if I do...

Anywho...the teaser can be found by clicking the tab at the top or going directly to the page using THIS LINK. Thank you to everyone who's trudged through this rather dark tale of mine. Your comments, votes, and encouragement have been greatly appreciated.


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