Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TaFL - The End

Yup, the Epilogue for There's a Fine Line has gone live on Literotica as well as the Blog. Blake and Alicia's story has come to an end and they've done their version of riding off into the sunset. Yes, I ended this story exactly the same as The Other Half. That was deliberate (I even copied the text but tweaked to Elizabeth's point of view) in order to tie the two stories' timelines together.

So, what does that mean for me?

It means a break from writing for Lit unless something just demands to be written - I have... ideas. It means a beginning to the new project for publication - The Children of Jarilo series. It means really working at making this writing thing a reality somewhere beyond a serial site and a seldom seen blog. The books in the Jarilo series will paranormal romances with some action, intrigue, and a bit of dark subject matter. Some as dark as Fine Line; others, not so much. They will be set in an entirely different "world" - meaning, you won't see Gregor from Book Two run into Blake or Micipsa from the Reveal world. They will not be erotica and I estimate the heat levels to be mild-moderate at best... except perhaps for Book Three. That one may smoke.

I hope you give the stories a try and I thank everyone who read, commented, reviewed, voted, praised and criticized The Other Half and There's a Fine Line. Your comments and praise kept me motivated while your criticisms kept me developing as a writer.

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