Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Other Half is going to Amazon!

After much internal debate, I've decided to explore self-publishing with an older novel while I work on revising The Fox's Mate. The novel I chose is The Other Half, a serial story posted in chapter form on Literotica as well as this blog. With this novel, I'm exploring just how Amazon's KDP works, how CreateSpace works, as well as working with professional cover artists to get the look I want. So far, it's been enlightening, exhausting, exhilarating, and terrifying (yeah, I ran out of "e" adjectives).

The novel, while finished and plenty long enough for a good sized book, is also a mess of confused Points of View, rampant passive voice, unnecessary narrative, plot holes you could drive a truck through, and land mines full of info dumps. Not. Good. So the editing, revising, and rewriting process has been slow, painful, and rather bloody. I've dumped over 10,000 words of the story so far and expect to dump more. I'm tightening up the prose, making Kris less of a whiny bitch, and removing huge segments to streamline the story. Some things will reappear in the revised version of Fine Line (which I also plan to place on Amazon). Some will simply be lost because it's not needed. I hope it will be better. Only time will tell.

While several folks think I'm crazy, I do NOT plan to remove the original versions of either story from Lit or this blog once it goes live on Amazon. What does this mean for the reader? It means you have a choice. If you want to read the streamlined, edited version of the story, you'll need to purchase the e-books from Amazon (I'm going to explore their KDP Select as well) or CreateSpace. If you don't want, or cannot afford to pay for the stories, you can still enjoy the original, unedited versions that currently exist. The third in the series, Lysavar's Journey, is in progress. It is my current plan to take it straight to publication, but that is several months (or longer) into the future.

I am thrilled to unveil the cover for The Other Half. Laura Wright LaRoche from LLPix Photography created this gorgeous cover and has been an absolute joy to worth with. I definitely recommend her to anyone needing a beautiful cover for their e-book or physical book (she did both).

The Other Half photo TheOtherHalf_fb_zps562ac43d.jpg
The Other Half


  1. Good luck to you! I'm really excited about this. Let me know how it goes. I've been toying with the idea of self pubbing a piece and it will be nice to have someone around whose done it before. Congrats, girl! :) <3

    1. Thank you :) I am going to keep notes on all the ins and outs and maybe post about it after the fact. The cover was the first step (and possibly easiest...Laura was a dream!), but the rest? eeeekk!!! lol Pick my brains at will when it's all said and done.