Friday, June 21, 2013

New story, new shorts

Two new things went up on the blog this week. The first is a new story destined for Literotica once completed. Entitled Fucking with Animal Planet, it has the best abbreviation ever (if, like me, you have the maturity of a 12yr old): FWAP. *snicker* Anyway, the story centers on Melody Kleptner, a myth debunker/anthropologist working with a television program searching for the elusive Bigfoot, and Killian Lancashire, bear shifter and prankster. He wants her for his mate; she wants more details before making a decision. The sex is great - they're both insatiable - but there are more issues than just how to merge their lifestyles.

It's a wild romp written in the spirit of fun, totally unlike most anything I've ever written. I promise the serious points won't last long! lol Head over and enjoy, but realize, it's definitely Not Safe for Work!

Other things that are NSFW are the two new shorts. Courtesy of Advizor54's photographic prompt, I wrote two of the tiny things in order to qualify for 50 extra words per short. You wouldn't believe how valuable 50 words can be. The picture isn't safe for work, school, church, kids or grandmas looking over your shoulder, so be warned. The first short is light and sexy; the second is very dark. Here, there be dragons dark. So, yeah, consider yourself warned!

So, that's what's new. I'm working on these while slogging through the marketing of The Other Half and choosing my next project. Please consider purchasing my completely edited and revisited novel at Smashwords or Amazon. Thank you!

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