Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Round Up

This was supposed to post tomorrow, but I figured what the hell. So you get it early.

Hmm, let's see, since the last post here, I've posted two more installments in Fucking with Animal Planet. Melody finally meets her bear, discovers he is a bear shifter, and the fun, happy sexytimes ensue. Killian is eager to play some tricks on the television crew, while she's trying to wrap her head around the fact he can turn into a bear. Chapter Four will post Sunday morning, so keep an eye out for it or subscribe on the story's page!

Please note that this story is definitely erotic in nature, and will only get more so as time goes on. The couple are also quite open to experimentation, so don't click to read unless you can accept that :)

Also, Fridays mean Flash Fiction time - Stratagem! This week, Advizor posted a picture of a rather interesting chess game between a well dressed man in a tuxedo and a very naked young woman. The picture is definitely Not Safe For Work (NSFW) but my take on the story is fairly mild this time around. We got a lot more words to play with (700!!), and could earn bonus points for a quote. This story posted a tad early, but please head over to Advizor's blog tomorrow to read the others!

Lastly, I like comments! Drop me a line on any of the stories you see here, or even past posts. I'd love to hear from you :)

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