Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Roundup

Hello everyone!

Things are hopping all over the blog-o-sphere, I just keep forgetting to link to it on the main page.

So, first off... The Other Half. It's now a book that you can buy and hold in your own greedy little hands, place on your electronic reading device, and have forever and ever. You can find a list of links HERE to purchase and I'd appreciate it if you did. Because it gives me the feels whenever someone buys one.

Next, there's the new story that wraps up on Sunday. It will then be submitted, in full, to Literotica where it will corrupt others just to make me giggle. I am, of course, talking about Fucking with Animal Planet - the most sex-intensive story I've ever written. It'll be a bit long for a one-shot, but I'm not splitting it up since it'll soon be completely finished here (and Lit pages are longer than everywhere else).

Then there is the ongoing serial collaboration with Nulli Para Ora. Called On the Prowl, it involves Brian, the bobcat shifter from FWAP, and Nulli. This story started out on Twitter as a lark and has morphed a bit. It's the first true collaboration I've done since high school, and it's been a blast so far.

And lastly, there are the two flash fictions I've contributed to for the past several weeks.

The first, via Advizor's blog, generally consists of a quite naughty NSFW photo prompt, a restrictive word limit, required and forbidden words, and opportunities for extra credit. They're tons of fun, a wonderful challenge, and often end up as brief glimpses of a potential story. You can find mine in the Shorts & Extras tab above. You should also consider joining us! If you don't have your own web space, just let me know and I'll host you here.

The other is a longer flash fiction piece via Night Tempest's blog and posted on my main site - In a World with Monsters. So far, there have been photo prompts as well as random sentences/fragments and words to choose from. There, I've decided to explore my first dedicated M/M story as well as setting it in a SciFi genre. It will have a high heat level because Petri and Grokhaar are quite enamored of each other already. We would also love to have more participants! Just let Night or me know and if you need hosting space, you know where to find us!

Well, that's it for me for a while. Facebook, Twitter, Flash Fiction, and crazy stories have been the norm around here. Look around. Enjoy. Thanks for playing!

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  1. <------doesnt mind being corrupted.... corrupt away please! ;)))