Monday, September 2, 2013

Changes in Accessibility

Due to the nature of some people who feel anything posted to the internet for free means it has been placed into the public domain, I have removed both stories The Other Half and its sequel, There's a Fine Line from this blog. While at DragonCon, a friend notified me that Fine Line had been posted to another website without my knowledge or permission under another username. They even left my name at the start of the first chapter, as if that somehow made it okay. 

Since the primary grab always seems to come from postings to Lit, I have requested all of my work be removed from Literotica. I hated doing that. I loved having my stories where anyone could read them, but I refuse to give more of my time, effort, and hard work so that someone can copy/paste it onto another site and claim it as their own (or worse, post it to Amazon!).