Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Teaser Time!

Yup, boys and girls, it's that time again. Time to get a brief glimpse of the upcoming chapter of There's a Fine Line. In this week's episode, Sapphire pushes her luck with a dangerous vampire while Blake continues to search for the Councilman that's working with Malphas. You can find a preview of the chapter HERE. The chapter will be submitted either Friday morning or late Thursday night due to my trip (SQUEEEEEE Phantom on Broadway!) and therefore will probably post to Lit earlier than the estimated post date. I've already uploaded the chapter to the blog and should be able to post from my phone while in NYC (have I SQUEEEE'd enough already?) so there are no gaps between posting on Lit and here.

One other good thing about me going to won't be spammed with anymore posts until I get back and gush over the trip! Score! lol Enjoy the snippet and the chapter when it goes live.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Oh, the things I should be doing. You know. Those things I should be doing but I'm not? Yeah, those things. I'm not prepacking for my trip. I'm not working on my outline for my NaNovel. I'm not working on Chapter 13 of There's a Fine Line. No, I'm not doing any of that because...I'm making pendants.

In my defense, I only made the first pendants because I wanted to put them in a swap package for NaNo. Then, I discovered I'd mixed too much epoxy. Well, I can't just throw it out. It's jeweler's grade and slightly pricey ($12 for 30ml). So I went scrambling for something to use the leftover epoxy in.

My craft room looks like a tornado went through on the heels of a hurricane on a good day and it's not seen a good day in some time. So I'm poking and prodding and trying to come up with something to use this epoxy in when it hits me (not literally, thank goodness, or I'd never used the epoxy before it set!). I have a crap-ton of fired shell casings. I have a lovely set of natural quartz crystals. Why not combine the two for some groovy pendants? So I did. They're still drying (takes 24 hours) and they're going to need a really good clean and polish but here's a sneak preview (click the thumbnails for larger pics):

Beautiful Death 3, A WIP of a .45 caliber shell (silver color) set with a natural quartz crystal. The crystal is set using jeweler's epoxy. Beautiful Death 2, A WIP of a .45 caliber shell (silver color) set with a natural quartz crystal. The crystal is set using jeweler's epoxy. Beautiful Death, A WIP of a .38 caliber brass shell set with a natural quartz crystal. The crystal is set using jeweler's epoxy and slightly weighted with nickel BBs to add height to the crystal.
I know they look the same but, truly, there are three different ones. The first two are nickel and the last one is brass. I'm going to add some wire wrapping to the tops to create the bails but I think they'll look nice with a rather chunky chain. One of my Viking Weave ones should do nicely!

Monday, October 22, 2012

TaFL Progress and NYC!

After an extremely productive writing day on Sunday, I've completed chapter 12 of There's a Fine Line. Again, it's not a happy chapter but, again, I feel it was a necessary one. Things will definitely be moving towards its eventual conclusion though I don't see the end for several more chapters yet (not sure if it'll go as far as 20 chapter but it might). There are changes in the air - some good, some not so good, some that were very hard for me to write. I hope you enjoy the overall journey even if some of the stops along the way have been bumpy.

Unfortunately, as productive as Sunday has been, this still puts me at least a chapter behind where I'd like to be before November. Unless I can knock out chapter 13 in the next few days, I'll be working on Fine Line in between the Bokkenrijder story for NaNo. This is not a good scenario for me as I don't like splitting my attention. Usually one is granted more attention to the detriment of the other. I don't want that to happen so I'm hoping inspiration will strike for chapter 13. Like lightning.

To top it all off, the last free weekend before NaNo will be spent in NYC. Watching Phantom of the Opera. I'll be squealing like a little phangirl the entire time, I promise you, only it'll be on the inside. I don't want to get thrown into a NYC jail and/or insane asylum. This is a Bucket List item, for those who are thinking "so what?" If you don't know what a Bucket List is, then check the link above or watch the movie that made the term famous. I've been to NYC before, have seen Ground Zero and gone to the top of the Empire State Building, but we didn't watch the musical on Broadway that I've been dying to see for over 25 years. Thus, this trip. It'll just be my daughter and I, which is scary, but it should be the experience of a lifetime. It's also why Fine Line will post early for Lit and late-ish for the blog. I can't wait. SQUEE!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TaFL Ch10 is Live

After feeling like death warmed over in a microwave for most of the weekend, I finally managed to get Chapter 10 of There's a Fine Line submitted to Lit on Monday. Because of my delay in submitting, there was  an equal delay in posting so it finally went live today. Things have slowed a bit from the atrocities of the previous chapter though that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and butterflies from here on out. The demons are still hanging around being demonic, Blake is still an arrogant, dominating ass, and Alicia is still sassy and independent. Not always a smooth mix.

I'm still desperately trying to build up another chapter buffer to tide me over during November and the insanity that is NaNoWriMo but it's been slow going. I think part of it is planning the NaNo story, part is being sick, part is excitement over the NYC trip, while some is pure writer's....well, not really a block as I know what I want to say, it's just not coming out right. If you check the progress on the right, you'll see the word count is being passed by crippled snails. That's how slow it's been going. :(

Friday, October 12, 2012

Innocent Deceptions - Edited and Reposted

Of the stories I have written, only two have not appeared on Literotica. The first is Innocent Deceptions, a Phantom of the Opera fanfic with a distinctly darker tone than anything else I've written (except, perhaps, certain portions of There's a Fine Line). The second is Bonded, another Phantom fanfic that mixes nonhuman elements into the classic story and stageplay. Unfortunately, Bonded is, at this time, either on hiatus or abandoned - however you want to view it - and I didn't wish to place an unfinished story on the blog.

With such a wonderful editor at my disposal, I asked Archangel to take a look at the twenty chapters that comprises Innocent Deceptions and wield his Red Pen of Doom with impunity. He did so and I was eternally grateful....and then I forgot to update the chapters here on the blog. I've finally done so and thus, this post is born. All twenty chapters have been replaced with the edited versions. It's a harsh tale with a dark side of Erik that's popped up in both Blake and the demons in some form. If you get a chance, and don't mind a bit of evil in your stories, then give it a try.

To get there, just click on the tabs above or use THIS LINK to go directly to chapter one.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Teaser

This week's teaser is the beginning of Chapter 10 of There's a Fine Line. A pleasant diversion from the previous chapter, Blake's and Alicia's relationship continues to evolve as they grow closer. They are playful at times and exasperated with each other at others. They can be serious and whimsical. They can be loving one moment and ready to kill each other the next. In short, a pretty typical newly-formed couple. This chapter, though not the snippet, will also give some of Blake's background so we get an idea of the era in which he was born and turned. It's kind of a "bridge" chapter, as it gives hints of and leads into things to come, but still a nice look into the budding relationship.

On the writing front...NaNo has already sapped a ton of my time. Dammit. I am working on Chapter 12 (see side bar over ---->> there for progress) but I keep getting sidetracked with ironing out details on the Bokkenrijder project. Things keep distracting me. Namely researching Torture. And kitties. (Not researching kitties, but cute pictures of kitties.) No, I'm not researching the torture of kitties because that would be wrong. (Ok, the kitties aren't in the story but Tan and I were talking about them and they were soooo cute that they served as a distraction). Oh, and chocolate. (Actually, the chocolate isn't in there either...but it was tasty.) Anyway, the chapter is coming slowly but surely so that's good, right?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Revised NaNo Story Synopsis

Ok, so I've been researching like crazy...but for the wrong story. I NEED to be researching torture techniques but instead I'm trying to work the Templars into a story that begins 300 years after their dissolution. I believe I have it so here's the new synopsis:

The Bokkenrijder Curse

Over two-hundred years ago, members of a revived Knights Templar captured, tortured, and executed ten men in a tiny rural village for being members of a Satanic band of criminals known as the Bokkenrijders. None of them were guilty of the crime and proof of their innocence was discarded and ignored.
After inheriting her grandmother's journal, Evelyn Chambliss learns that one of her ancestors was amongst those ten men. Armed with the journals and a last request, she travels to the Netherlands to learn the truth. Though many records have been destroyed, she pores over village documents, listens to folk tales and legends, and even visits the haunted ruins of the Templar Priory in an effort to clear her ancestor's name.
While deep within the dusty halls of the once grand temple, she makes a startling discovery that will alter the way the villagers view the Priory and the men it persecuted. Though she is met with otherworldly resistance, she also finds aid in an unexpected individual whose connection to the riders, the Templars, and the executions are much closer than she could have ever dreamed.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

TaFL Trivia!

Yeah, I've gone a bit loopy but thought this might be a fun game for those who want to give it a try. Below will be a list of lines of dialogue or maybe situations or descriptions (I'll know more once I find all the excerpts) from upcoming chapters. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to try to guess who said/did/was described. Bonus tribbles for those who accurately guess to whom the dialogue was being spoken, etc. Some will be fairly easy. Some might be a bit harder. Some may surprise you (I hope). Get them all right and you win!

So, if this is a trivia thingie, what are the prizes? *cue drum roll* Today's prizes will be a congratulatory post in this very blog along with a link to your own blog if you have one (and if you want me to link to it) AND I will place you (using the name/description you give me via email) in a future chapter of TaFL. Doubtful you'll be Alicia's BFF, but you could always be Dev's. He'd love a new toy to play with. I will make every attempt not to kill you off, but there are no guarantees. The demons are getting antsy., for the immortality of being placed in a future chapter of There's a Fine Line, here are your choices (yeah, some are gimmes but that's ok too):

Quotes - (bonus points for correctly guessing to whom it is being said)
1. “That leaves us with but one question: Who on the Council wants you dead badly enough to work with a demon?”
2. "Villages burned at the stake the fey who once blessed their crops. Wolves were being slaughtered by the thousands. It was a dark era for more than just the humans."
3. “What’s got your tighty-whities in a bunch?”
4. "Well, he was just standing outside the building trying not to look like he was watching it which meant he looked even more like he was watching it because, you know, when someone tries not to look like he’s spying it makes him look even more like a spy.”
5. “Yeah, I’m gonna vote ‘no’ for that scenario.” 

Situations/Descriptions (name the person or persons being described or involved in the situation):

1. When she could finally breathe, her knees had turned to goo and she was clinging to his broad shoulders like some blonde bimbo from a chick-flick.
2. Instead of a shirt, his toned, smooth chest was covered by a vest made of nothing but fine silver chains.
3. In some crazed corner of her mind, she hoped this wasn't a load-bearing support or she'd just caused some massive structural issues for the night club.
4. If they made it to the parking lot before they ravished each other, he’d be surprised.
5. Along with the small sheets of tin, steel, and aluminum; piles of brick, stone, and cinderblock; and wooden boards of every size and wood type, she’d added nails, a hammer, duct tape, wood glue, wire, and a wire cutter. She was either going to do magic or a woodshop project.

Also, these are in no particular order so just because it's listed first doesn't mean it's not in a later chapter than something listed last. I tried not to list anything that would give major portions of the plot away. Nor did I list any dialogue that's spoken by an un-introduced character. Have fun and good luck!

ETA- Absolute Cut Off is October 31, 2012. I'll be concentrating on NaNoWriMo then and will have time afterwards to work a new someone in.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

28 Days Until NaNoWriMo!

Yup! Just as it says, less than a month until NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month for the less crazed. For the entire month of November, writers are encouraged to attempt to create at least 50,000 words of a novel. There are forums for help. You can have writing buddies. There are prizes if that sort of thing is your motivation.  I'm stoked and terrified all at once.

This will be my first year attempting NaNoWriMo and I've been bouncing ideas off Mokkelke for about three months now. I had a good firm idea of what I wanted to do. I did research. I created characters. I made an outline. I scrapped all of that back in August for another super idea I had. It, too, has characters and outline and will probably be my focus after NaNo and There's a Fine Line is completed. The story haunts my dreams. However, it was the last idea that has really caught my imagination. Based around the legend of the Bokkenrijders, a (supposed) group of Satan-worshipers who rode flying goats and robbed farms and churches, it's more urban-fantasy than romance and features not a single vampire though there may be ghosts involved. I do have a synopsis ready, since I just placed it on my NaNo page, and will place it here for folks to read and snicker at:

The Bokkenrijder Curse
Two-hundred and twenty years ago, the Knights Templar captured, tortured, and executed ten men in a tiny rural village for being members of a Satanic band of criminals known as the Bokkenrijders. None of them were guilty of any crime.
After inheriting her grandmother's journal, Evelyn Chambliss travels to Belgium to learn the truth of the men accused of being members of the infamous Bokkenrijders. Over the centuries, all but one has been exonerated. Though many records have been destroyed, she pores over village records, listens to every folk tale and legend, and even visits the haunted ruins of the Templar Priory in an effort to clear her ancestor's name. While deep within the dusty halls of the one grand temple, she finds aid in an unexpected individual whose connection to the riders, the Templars, and the executions are much closer than she could have ever dreamed.
So, there you have it, the basis of the new story I'm working on in between maintaining TaFL. This one, if it turns out well, may be submitted to publishers or self-published. It all depends on if I finish it or not or if I think it could hold its own in the world of Urban Fantasy (if there's any romance in it, it will be very secondary). What do you think? Does it sound like something you'd read?