Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

After 6 years, we finally have cable in our neighborhood! Yesterday, they hooked us up and, though there've been a hiccup or two, we're off DSL and on knology. During all this, I've been steadily plunking away on my various projects.

The first are a set of miniature top hats. One is a deep red silk corset design and the other is a black silk tuxedo design (complete with bowtie and watch fob). The brims are dyed leather I got in a scrap bag while the body shapes are courtesy of a plastic Coke bottle (12 oz small for the corset) and a plastic Dr Pepper (16.9 oz or the tux). The material is glued on with spray adhesive and then the brim is stitched on using pre-punched holes. The tuxedo's buttons are actually watch stems from recycled wrist watches I got in a grab bag at a flea market.

The dapper pair
Mini TopHat - Corset Mini TopHat - Tuxedo

Other than that, I've worked on my Eyes of Newt using the small gel beads from the floral department. I purchased purple but in retrospect think the green may have been a better choice. Since taking the pictures, the fancy design at the top of the bottle has been covered in twine and there will be labels soon on all the jars.

Eyes of Newt Small eyeballs

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