Monday, August 6, 2012

There's a Fine Line Ch 05 is Live!

After a failed ambush on Blake, information about Malphas starts to trickle in with Chapter 05 of There's a Fine Line (also found here on Literotica). Lysavar returns with some miniature helpers while aid comes from an unexpected source as the protagonists grow closer to discovering the truth of what Malphas is and what his plans are for Alicia. Meanwhile, she's trying to come to terms with her submissive and masochistic needs as well as her growing physical changes and abilities. Throw in an over-protective and dominating vampire mate and her life has been fully turned on its head. Things are going to start moving at a good clip from this point on.

Though I've said it before, I do want to reiterate that this story isn't all sunshine and butterflies. There are dark segments that some may find disturbing or outright unpleasant. This is deliberate and I won't apologize for that fact. It is mostly contained in a single chapter (nine) for now, but will probably bleed over into others as the story evolves. Remember: not all bad guys are misunderstood - some are pure evil.

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  1. Squeeee! I am giddy to see this! Can't wait to read it!