Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon Teaser

Got some Wednesday afternoon teasing for everyone in the form of There's a Fine Line Chapter 8. This is the hottest chapter I've ever written, in my opinion, and was one of the hardest. It's also extremely steeped in BDSM practices in a variety of ways from bondage, to sadomasochism, to D/s. If none of those are your cup o' tea, then this may not be the chapter for you. Blake can play nice but this isn't the time for it. The snippet is just shy of 1800 words of a 7900 word chapter. Not the longest but not the shortest I've written either.

The chapter will be submitted to Literotica on Saturday, 15Sep12, with a hopeful posting date of the 18th. It could go live sooner or later depending on Lit's traffic, contests, etc. There will be a disclaimer for the nature of the sex found within as well as an author's note at the end for the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 9 will be extremely dark, ugly, uncomfortable, etc. To be totally honest, I'm not sure Lit will allow it to post as written. It still amazes me that they have a "NonConsent" section and yet "Rape" and "Murder" are not allowed as TAGS on their stories. Just some of those things that boggles the mind. Anyway, Chapter 9 is a dark chapter. Please heed the warnings and disclaimers if you have anything that makes you squick.

As for progress on future chapters...Chapter 10 gained some 1200 words in edits and revisions and is back with the beta-readers and the editor. Chapter 11 has been started but it's only a few hundred words into it for now. I'm desperately seeking to regain the chapter buffer I had at the beginning without sacrificing the quality of the writing or the story itself. I hope I succeed.

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