Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday TaFL Teaser

It's Wednesday and I've been a good little girl, typing like mad on There's a Fine Line. Chapter 14 is back from my amazing beta readers - Mokkelke, Jaisen, and Mostera1 - and my wonderful "red pen of doom" editor - Archangel_M and is being prepped for submission to Lit on Saturday. If the world is still here because, you know...Mayans and stuff. But, in case the doomsayers are correct and the Mayans didn't just run out of rock or end the Seventh Cycle and we all go *poof* on Friday, at least you'll be happy in knowing that you've read a SNIPPET of the next chapter of There's a Fine Line.

I confess that this chapter will bear yet another Graphic Violence warning though it should be the last one for some time. Even with two major battles left, they won't contain the rather vivid imagery that these last few chapters have had. I'm even more confident now that the story will wrap up near the Chapter 20 mark (give or take a chapter or two) so there's not much left at all before everyone holds hands and rides off into the sunset singing Kumbaya. Can't picture Blake doing that? Yeah, neither can I but I bet Sapphire would try to make him!

In other news, I'll be launching a new website in the next month or two in preparation for publishing the NaNovel That Shouldn't Have Been - Embrace the Wolf - under a new pen name: Elaina M. Roberts. This blog will remain, along with this user name, for my racier stories while all of my published works (when there are some!) will be on the other site. I'll post links and beg and plead for you all to join me there as I prepare to embark on the terrifying journey of publishing my first book.

Thanks a lot to everyone!

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