Friday, June 14, 2013

Two New Shorts!

And not the kind you wear in the summer, either. Now that the edits are finished for The Other Half and I sit impatiently awaiting the proof copy, I had the opportunity to dive back into the fun of flash fiction shorts. The two this week were both based on photo prompts, one definitely Not Safe For Work, while the other is. They are also on two separate websites, this one and my official author site. One day, I will migrate everything over there. Maybe. I may leave them separate just to be ornery, you never know.

The first, Apartment #6, is based on a prompt from a very NSFW blogger, Advizor54 (I was pulled in by fellow erotica author Word Wytch aka Jaisen on Literotica). The story stems from a picture of a nude woman knocking on an apartment door. Why is she there? Why is she naked? What's about to happen or has happened? I touched on some of this in a short restricted to 369 words or less. Enjoy!

The second, An Answered Call, is based on Nulli Para Ora's Musings series. This story stems from a photograph of a beautiful forest at sunset. It's mostly imagery; a feast for the senses as felt by the unnamed main character.

Read both, then dive into the hosting sites and read the others. Just be warned that Advizor's tend to lean heavily into the erotic while the Musings usually stay safe for work.



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