Friday, October 12, 2012

Innocent Deceptions - Edited and Reposted

Of the stories I have written, only two have not appeared on Literotica. The first is Innocent Deceptions, a Phantom of the Opera fanfic with a distinctly darker tone than anything else I've written (except, perhaps, certain portions of There's a Fine Line). The second is Bonded, another Phantom fanfic that mixes nonhuman elements into the classic story and stageplay. Unfortunately, Bonded is, at this time, either on hiatus or abandoned - however you want to view it - and I didn't wish to place an unfinished story on the blog.

With such a wonderful editor at my disposal, I asked Archangel to take a look at the twenty chapters that comprises Innocent Deceptions and wield his Red Pen of Doom with impunity. He did so and I was eternally grateful....and then I forgot to update the chapters here on the blog. I've finally done so and thus, this post is born. All twenty chapters have been replaced with the edited versions. It's a harsh tale with a dark side of Erik that's popped up in both Blake and the demons in some form. If you get a chance, and don't mind a bit of evil in your stories, then give it a try.

To get there, just click on the tabs above or use THIS LINK to go directly to chapter one.

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