Monday, October 8, 2012

Revised NaNo Story Synopsis

Ok, so I've been researching like crazy...but for the wrong story. I NEED to be researching torture techniques but instead I'm trying to work the Templars into a story that begins 300 years after their dissolution. I believe I have it so here's the new synopsis:

The Bokkenrijder Curse

Over two-hundred years ago, members of a revived Knights Templar captured, tortured, and executed ten men in a tiny rural village for being members of a Satanic band of criminals known as the Bokkenrijders. None of them were guilty of the crime and proof of their innocence was discarded and ignored.
After inheriting her grandmother's journal, Evelyn Chambliss learns that one of her ancestors was amongst those ten men. Armed with the journals and a last request, she travels to the Netherlands to learn the truth. Though many records have been destroyed, she pores over village documents, listens to folk tales and legends, and even visits the haunted ruins of the Templar Priory in an effort to clear her ancestor's name.
While deep within the dusty halls of the once grand temple, she makes a startling discovery that will alter the way the villagers view the Priory and the men it persecuted. Though she is met with otherworldly resistance, she also finds aid in an unexpected individual whose connection to the riders, the Templars, and the executions are much closer than she could have ever dreamed.

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  1. Interesting! I'm looking forward to this tale.